Music Minors

Minor in Music

The minor requires a minimum of 17 credits and may include MUS 90. The program is designed to be flexible but must include MUS 11, 2, 82, 3, and 7, one history or literature course, and two performance courses (MUS 2279). The student may choose the remaining four credits from department offerings.

Minor in Music Industry

The music industry minor is intended to provide exposure to basic information, issues and skills useful for students who may want to pursue entry level positions in the music business or to promote their own work. There are six required courses: MUS 161, 164, 261, 10 or 11, plus MUS 361: Music Internship; and either Acct 108 or 151 for a minimum of 17 credits. (This minor is currently on hiatus, although the courses ae all still being offered).

Music Option

Although Music and Engineering/Science is not a major in itself, Lehigh attracts many engineering and science students who wish to continue their active involvement in music and the music department. For those students who are interested in pursuing this option, music can be taken as a dual degree (B.S. or B.A.), minor or elective.