The music department offers internship courses; an internship is required for Music Industry minors. Students should consult with the director of the minor for information about how the internships are arranged. The University faculty has established three important criteria that must be met by all internships: 80 hours of work are required for each credit awarded, no credit can be awarded for an internship ex post facto, and the student must register for the internship course during the same term that the internship work is actually conducted. Students should be sure to pre-arrange all internship experiences with the department. Internship credits cannot be awarded for work experiences without a distinct educational component. A memorandum of understanding circulated among the employer, student, and departmental internship course director helps to promote a common understanding of the educational and work objectives of the internship. Students are advised that not all work experiences advertised as “internships” warrant academic credit, even though they may be otherwise worthwhile.