B.A. in Music Composition (54 credits)

Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition is designed for students committed to pursuing music composition beyond the undergraduate level. It is an intensive composition program with a 54-credit minimum. Twenty-five credits in music theory: MUS 82, 3, 7, 83, 4, 8, 139, 243, 245, 331. Nine credits in music history: MUS 236, MUS 336 plus one from MUS 129, 233, 234, 235. Fourteen credits in composition: MUS 253, 254, two semesters of MUS 353. One semester of conducting, MUS 321 (2 credits) and four credits of music electives. Students will have to pass a piano proficiency exam by the end of the sophomore year. Students will compile a composition portfolio by the end of the senior year.